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Board Chair – Steve Lindquist, M.Ed.
Director of Accreditation and Member Services, ACTS

Board Vice Chair – Thomas Burkett, Ph.D
Head of School, Banner Christian Schools

Treasurer – Tom Spencer
Director of Accreditation and Member Services, ACCS

Secretary – Jamie Canterbury
Director of Accreditation, Eastern Division, ACSI


Janet Armstrong
Associate Superintendent of Education, AAA Potomac Conference

Sheryl L. Jo
Accreditation Program Director, CSI

Chris Beyeu
Executive Director, ICAA

Daniel Rufo
Associate Vice President – Accreditation, MSA-CESS

Edward Earwood
Executive Director, NACSAA

Tom Kolb
Executive Director, NLSA (SED-LCMS)

Joanne Andruscavage
Director of Special Accreditation Projects, SAIS

Betsy A. Johnson
Executive Director, VAIS

Jerry Baldwin
Executive Director, VAISEF

Joseph E. Vorbach III
Superintendent, Office of Catholic Schools, Arlington Diocese

Jesse Grapes
President, Benedictine Schools of Richmond

Mike Riley
Associate Superintendent of Operations, Catholic Diocese of Richmond

Henry Broaddus
Vice President & Treasurer, CSDV

Tobi Manke
Executive Director, ILCS

Clayton Petry
Executive Director, NCPSA

Joseph Whitley
Executive Director, VISA

Adam Brick
Executive Director, VISAA

Gary L. Jones
Chief Executive Officer, Youth For Tomorrow

Marilyn George
Executive Vice President, WASC

Daryl Hagen
Director of Catholic School Accreditation, Lumen


Ex-Officio Members

Grace T. Creasey, Executive Director
George McVey, President